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From an idea we create, formulate and manufacture the perfect product to suit your needs.

ICC, the only Italian company that produces nail polishes and

semi-fnished products starting from the raw materials ending

up with the finished product. From suspending bases, to the
colored ones until we get to the creation of nail polishes and nail

care as well as of removers, suitable for any type of client.
In order to give a wider offer, throughout 2016, we have launched our own gel polish line and a water-based nail polish line.
The following year, 2017, we have moved our first steps towards the formulation and consequent production of makeup and skin care.


Today, with our personal range of products getting more and more competitive, we are a cosmetics window showcasing made in Italy across the world, as we export makeup and skin care everywhere: taking care of eyes, lips, nails and the whole body. We are a young dynamic company, that distinguishes itself on the basis of passion, creativity, technology, high quality, competitive prices and fast delivery times.

The Innovation

Research, technology service, elasticity and accurate selection are the four pillars we base our innovation process on,

involving ICC since the beginning. Nail polishes, curative products, coloration and everything concerned for our

clients carries “Italy” as its brand name.
The warranty of working on raw materials that are chosen meticulously and the union of
these with the Italian style, which is always a success indicator, allows the exportation to
reach the whole world. Moreover, the quality of products, with the current advanced
technologies and the last generation production machinery we own, make ICC unique,
reliable and a model to follow and to engage with.
To guarantee the best quality we base our production on 6 internal R&D labs for research
and for bettering several products: one for traditional nail polish, one for the water based,
the third focuses on gel polishes, the fourth on fluid makeup product research, one more is
addressed to powders research and the sixth is responsible for skin care.
Quality, technology and accurate selection happen thanks to the projects promoted by our
research and development labs which focus their energies and attention, among many
other activities, towards new ingredients research (resin, pearls, pigments etc) fully
respecting the local norms, on new formulations of nail polishes and nail care products as
well as on the reaction of new colors and always more innovative effects.

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