Before today's make-up was born, make-up and face powders were or could be real skin sores. The objective was not, or at least not only, the appearance or aesthetic purpose but also to represent a status or to protect the face from natural weather. The latter is the case of ancient Egypt where torrid heat and strong winds were faced with oils and creams that provided freshness and hydration. Another practice, called Kohl or Kajal in Arabic, involved the use of dust composed of soot, fatty ointments and lead dust which, in long-term use, caused serious physical and mental problems due to product infiltration into the skin. And still in Japan it was common practice to
blacken the teeth for particular performance with iron powders and then bleach them with rice powders. In the last century, especially since 1940, preventive measures were taken on the products used up to the maximum safety of today's dust.



Bronzing Powder

Liquid foundation

Mousse Foundation

Loose Powder

BB / CC / DD EE Cream



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